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La Parisienne Lebanese Vegan
$9.10 Add

Hummus, Roasted Capsicum, Cucumbers and Coriander

La Parisienne Vegan
$8.60 Add

Avocado, Cucumber, Sundried Tomatoes, Snow Pea Sprout, Tabasco Sauce, Lemon Juice

Tapas Avocado
$9.60 Add

Curry Paste; Houmus; Avocado; Sundried Tomato; Snow Pea Sprout; Lettuce on a Curry based Tapas Bread

Tapas Chicken & Capsicum
$9.60 Add

Mayonnaise, Char-grilled Chicken Pieces, Capsicum and Lettuce between a Spinach based Tapas Bread

Tapas Feta & Cucumber
$9.60 Add

Philadelphia Cream Cheese, Fetta Cheese; Cucumber; Tomato; Snow Pea Sprout; Lettuce on a Chilli based Tapas Bread

VitaFit Chicken
$8.00 Add

Philadelphia Cream Cheese, Chicken Mixture, Tomato, Alfalfa between two Vitafit slices

VitaFit Egg
$8.00 Add

Lettuce, Capsicum, Cucumber, Tomato, Carrot, Snow pea sprouts, Egg mix between two Vitafit slices

VitaFit Salmon
$8.50 Add

Philadelphia Cream Cheese, Salmon, Lemon Pepper, Tomato, Alfalfa between two Vitafit slices

VitaFit Turkey
$8.00 Add

Shaved Smoked Turkey, Philadelphia Cream Cheese, Lettuce, Tomato, Carrot and Snow Pea Sprouts between two Vitafit slices

Specials, New & Festive
Find new and exciting products which will tempt and titillate everyone's taste buds and suit every festive occasion. If you can bear to part with these delicious purchases, they will make ideal gifts for:

Christmas, Easter, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Valentine's Day and Birthdays!
Special Occasion
Make Chez Jean-Claude Patisserie Your Choice!

Special occasions are always heightened by the selection of delicious desserts and cakes on offer.

At Chez Jean-Claude Patisserie a tempting selection of French Croque-en-Bouche, moist Chocolate Ganache and mouth-watering Strawberry Pompadour are just few of the enticing treats to choose from.